Press Release — Sep 28, 2019

Screen Captured Book Debuts at #1 in Amazon's Parenting Category

Vancouver, BC — September 28, 2019: Kinzoo is pleased to announce that founder Sean Herman has published his first book, Screen Captured, which debuted at #1 in Amazon’s parenting category. This practical resource helps families navigate technology with confidence and gives parents the tools to recognize positive screen activities for kids.

As a father of two and tech CEO, Sean spent a lot of time researching apps and platforms for his own kids. He discovered a lot of problems with what’s currently out there, but he was also convinced that technology could be a force for good. So, he set out to find a better, safer way to introduce it to his daughter. In addition to founding Kinzoo—a tech company that turns screen time into family time—Sean also wrote his first book as a way to share what he’d learned with other parents.

In Screen Captured, published by Lioncrest Publishing, Sean separates technology fact from fiction. He highlights the difference between screen time that focuses on connection, creativity and cultivation of interests—and being screen captured, where we are manipulated by tech companies to crave the infinite feed. He acknowledges privacy concerns and digs deeper to reveal the true problem: a growing obsession among children with the social validation they receive online. Sean equips families with critical questions to ask so they can give your kids the best of technology—while eliminating the worst of it. “This book arose from my desire to understand more deeply how online behaviors affect our children, and how parents can have skillful conversations with children about how to navigate the online world,” he says.

Response to the book has been positive, with one Amazon reviewer writing, “You can see this issue everywhere and it’s simply not going away. Reading Screen Captured definitely gave me some peace of mind that when we run into this ourselves we’ll have solid insight on how to guide our kiddos through the digital world in a way that’s safe, educational, and exploratory.”


Kinzoo brings kids, parents and extended family together to share experiences and make memories that wouldn’t otherwise exist. They are building a safe introduction to technology that gives kids a constructive, skill-building outlet to connect with loved ones, explore their creativity and cultivate new interests. Their first product is a private messenger for kids ages 6 and up—plus the whole family, too! With this family-friendly app, your data is yours, profiles are not publicly searchable and parents approve all contacts.

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