Press Release — Dec 23, 2020

Kinzoo Launches Video Calling with a Meaningful Twist

Vancouver, BC—December 23, 2020: Kinzoo is pleased to announce that it has launched video calling and Blip, giving users two new ways to connect face-to-face in the app. A Blip is a short video call that automatically ends after eight minutes, letting users build bonds and make memories—even when they’re short on time.

When Kinzoo launched in January 2020, it offered families a few different ways to connect: text, voice, emojis, pictures and asynchronous video messages. But the company had always planned to keep building new experiences. With a mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful connections—with kids at the heart, Kinzoo soon introduced more features, games and activities to help kids stay in touch with loved ones, explore their creativity and cultivate new interests.

With the global pandemic, it became clear that Kinzoo users were interested in face-to-face conversations as a way to share experiences. But, too many hours with screens can also be counter-productive for connecting: as more aspects of life transition online, many are struggling to remain present while video calling and often feel burnt out afterward. With family and friends spread far and wide, it can be a challenge to clear a time that works for everyone, and calls sometimes end abruptly when scheduling conflicts arise.

“It struck me that duration does not equal quality when it comes to video chatting—and in fact, there might even be an inverse relationship in some cases,” says Sean Herman, founder and CEO of Kinzoo. “I wanted to find a way for my daughter and her grandmother to make the most of their video calls so they could continue to grow their relationship in a meaningful way. I wanted the focus to be on being present and making each minute count—and I wanted them both to feel fulfilled at the end of the call.”

Blip, one of the new features recently launched in Kinzoo, lets you make a video call that wraps up automatically after eight minutes—focusing your attention on the present moment and empowering you to reach out to loved ones even when you’re short on time. Easing the scheduling struggle and encouraging in-the-moment memory making, Blip is a meaningful face-to-face connection for a technology-saturated world.

Kinzoo’s new video calling features are specifically designed with kids in mind. The app is a single private ecosystem—and with the addition of video calling and Blip—Kinzoo is the only messenger app a family needs. The platform works across Android and iOS systems, making it easy to share a video call no matter which devices your loved ones use. The company is eager to hear feedback from users while they continue to refine and improve Kinzoo for families everywhere.


Kinzoo brings kids, parents and extended family together to share experiences and make memories that wouldn’t otherwise exist. They are building a safe introduction to technology that gives kids a constructive, skill-building outlet to connect with loved ones, explore their creativity and cultivate new interests. Their first product is a private messenger for kids ages 6 and up—plus the whole family, too! With this family-friendly app, your data is yours, profiles are not publicly searchable and parents approve all contacts.

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