Press Release — Apr 30, 2020

Kinzoo Launches Major Version Release with Activity Centre

Vancouver, BC — April 30, 2020: Kinzoo is pleased to announce the release of Kinzoo Version 2.0—which includes a significant update and expansion of features. The release includes the new activity centre, where users can find games and activities that encourage connection, creativity and cultivation of new interests.

Screen activities generally fall into one of four categories—but perhaps the most well-known is consumption. Activities like watching TV and scrolling social media fall into this category. By contrast, when focus is placed on connection, creativity and cultivation—time with technology is more engaging, productive—and enriching. Kinzoo is building technology with this in mind.

“Back in January, we brought Kinzoo to market, launching on Google Play and the App Store,” says Britt Skolovy, Chief Growth Officer at Kinzoo. “This month, we released Kinzoo 2.0, which is a major step towards realizing our goal: we want Kinzoo to be more than a messenger, and we’re working hard to create a private platform for kids that fosters connection, creativity and learning.”

There are two activities and one two-player game in the new activity centre:

  • Doodles lets users create their own one-of-a-kind artworks and easily share them with family and friends in their contacts list.
  • Drawn Together, a two-player game, challenges one player to choose a word, draw it and then see if the other play can guess the image in under a minute.
  • Today I Learned is an activity that shares a new weird-but-true fact every day, which can be shared with family and friends in a user’s contact list.

Activities are designed to be easily shared—giving kids the chance to celebrate their creativity and cultivation with a wider support network of grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends, all within a private ecosystem. Looking towards the future, Kinzoo plans to continue focusing on screen activities that encourage connection, creativity and cultivation—and support the company’s mission to be a catalyst for meaningful interaction with kids are the heart.


Kinzoo brings kids, parents and extended family together to share experiences and make memories that wouldn’t otherwise exist. They are building a safe introduction to technology that gives kids a constructive, skill-building outlet to connect with loved ones, explore their creativity and cultivate new interests. Their first product is a private messenger for kids ages 6 and up—plus the whole family, too! With this family-friendly app, your data is yours, profiles are not publicly searchable and parents approve all contacts.

Try the Kinzoo app today!

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