Press Release — Aug 30, 2020

Kinzoo Adds New Sticker Maker Activity to Messaging App

Vancouver, BC — August 30, 2020: Kinzoo is pleased to announce that it has added a new activity—Sticker Maker—to its activity center. Stickers have been an incredibly popular form of communication for both kids and adults on the app, and this new feature gives users the ability to design and share their own bespoke creations.

Sticker Maker was made to give kids the experience of creating their own unique stickers that can be used just like professionally designed ones. It provides hundreds of illustrated bases, expressions and accessories that kids can combine in creative ways. This makes it easy to build unique, expressive stickers to convey a variety of emotions or feelings. Early indications show that Sticker Maker has been a popular addition to the app: in the first two weeks after launch, kids created and sent more than 9,000 original stickers and adults sent more than 3,500.

This new activity is the latest addition to the Kinzoo activity centre, which includes three other activities and games. Doodles, a drawing activity, lets users create their own one-of-a-kind artworks and easily share them with family and friends in their contacts list. Drawn Together, a two-player game, challenges one player to choose a word, draw it and then see if the other play can guess the image. And, Today I Learned shares a new, weird-but-true fact every day that users can share with their contacts.

“Sticker Maker is the latest feature we’ve designed to support Kinzoo’s mission,” says Sean Herman, CEO of Kinzoo. “We strive to be a catalyst for meaningful interaction with kids at the heart. This new feature gives children a fun new way to explore their creativity, express themselves—and connect with loved ones.”

Kinzoo plans to continue to update Sticker Maker with seasonal and holiday-themed components. The flexibility of the different bases, expressions and accessories means that the feature can be easily refreshed to reflect the issues and themes that are relevant to kids.


Kinzoo brings kids, parents and extended family together to share experiences and make memories that wouldn’t otherwise exist. They are building a safe introduction to technology that gives kids a constructive, skill-building outlet to connect with loved ones, explore their creativity and cultivate new interests. Their first product is a private messenger for kids ages 6 and up—plus the whole family, too! With this family-friendly app, your data is yours, profiles are not publicly searchable and parents approve all contacts.

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