Our values

At Kinzoo, we're working to improve the state of technology for kids—so we look to our company values to guide every decision we make.

Uncompromising safety

We believe kids should have the opportunity to experience the best of technology—without being exposed to the worst of it. So, we go above and beyond to research how the digital landscape is evolving. We continually broaden our understanding of the impact tech has on young minds, and we create innovative features designed to be safer for kids.

Empathetic design

We are a small-but-mighty team of moms, dads, aunts, uncles and friends who recognize that parenting isn’t black and white. Today's families are diverse, and in order to better understand their unique needs, we go straight to the source. We test and retest our products with real people, and regularly ask for feedback so we can better serve parents, kids and the larger community.

Transparent decisions

We want kids and families to have healthier relationships with technology. We’ve thought long and hard about the kind of product we want to create—and chose not to include manipulative features like targeted ads, recommended videos and “likes." We believe it can and should be easy to understand the way a tech product works, so whenever possible, we explain how we arrive at our decisions in plain language.

Humble growth

As we expand and grow our business, we are always mindful of who we're growing for—our users. Because we're creating products for kids, we prioritize safe, ethical design, and we won't compromise on that for the sake of faster returns.

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