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Why did we create a kid-safe messenger app for families? We’re so glad you asked!

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Today's world for families

Raise your hand if your schedule is jam-packed with work, family gatherings, soccer practices and playdates. Or, if you have a new email, text message, or missed video call every time you turn around. For families today, life can feel like a juggling act of calendar commitments and notifications—and it can feel like you’re missing out when loved ones are spread far and wide.

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Today's world for kids

If your family is like our families, you probably also have more than one tablet or device in your home—and your kids probably enjoy them as much as you! But as a parent, there’s a lot to think about: chances are you have questions about the internet, screen time, privacy and safety.

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The invention that changed everything

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. To tell our story, we need to rewind back to 1990. Text messaging is still two years away, the Macintosh Portable weighs 16 pounds—and the world wide web is about to be born! The inventor is a computer scientist and engineer named Tim Berners-Lee, and he releases his groundbreaking source code with a vision to make the world a better place.

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...and the unintended consequences

Early on, the internet revolutionized how we accessed information and gave us exciting new ways to entertain ourselves. With a few keystrokes, kids could research topics for school projects and build valuable skills with online games. But, the internet wasn’t invented with kids in mind. Reports from the Center for Media Education in the 90’s showed that children didn’t understand the dangers of sharing personal information online—and some websites even collected home addresses, phone numbers and other personal information from kids! By 1998, alarm bells were ringing, and the Federal Trade Commission made an appeal to Congress: make the internet safer for our kids.

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Enter the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

COPPA officially came into effect in April of 2000. Lawmakers created COPPA to protect kids under 13 from predatory marketing and other dangers, like stalking or kidnapping, that could arise from misused personal information.

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A whole new digital world

Fast forward to present day, and technology has evolved in some pretty incredible ways. We can instantly share our lives on social media and video call people halfway around the world. But along the way, we’ve seen the web change in some not-so-good ways (and Tim Berners-Lee has lots to say about that!). Privacy breaches, zombie scrolling and the pressures of likes and followers have shown us that tech can have negative consequences for users.

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Empowering our youngest digital citizens

And the dangers that exist for adults also exist for kids. Regulations like COPPA are helpful, but unfortunately, some platforms have tried to skirt around the rules. They claim they’re for ages 13+—even though the stats show that kids are active users! Today, most of the onus is still on parents to protect their kids. We believe we can do better. We think new platforms—like Kinzoo—can put kids first and create a safe environment where they can learn to be good digital citizens.

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Safe, fun, intuitive tech

That’s why we created Kinzoo. Our founder is a father who was searching for a better option—one that’s designed for kids, made for families and built with parents in mind. With our secure, all-in-one messenger, you can exchange videos, pictures, text messages and audio with family and close friends. The best part? Kids can get in on the fun and send one-on-one or group messages to loved ones, too! They can learn, experience the best of tech and safely express themselves on Kinzoo—and you all get to share in the moments that matter most.

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Still Have Questions About Screen Time?

After founding Kinzoo, CEO and father Sean Herman wrote Screen Captured to share what he's learned—and help other families navigate technology with confidence.

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