Kids and TechMar 18, 2019

In the News: ‘YouTube Disables Comments on Videos’ by TechCrunch

In the News: ‘YouTube Disables Comments on Videos’ by TechCrunch

It’s our natural instinct to help kids grow into responsible digital citizens — and that means helping parents, too. Kinzoo’s “In the Wild” series was specifically designed for our founder, Sean Herman to share the latest news, resources, and knowledge from beyond our zoo gates.

“While it’s a good thing that YouTube disabled comments on videos that feature children, the timing is conspicuous. As much as I’d love to believe that YouTube is being proactive about safety, I’m not convinced it’s a coincidence that this move followed reports of major advertisers pulling from the platform. In late 2018, they greatly increased their number of moderators shortly after a New York Times article shed light on the inappropriate content slipping through filters on YouTube Kids.”

“For the record, I think YouTube wants their platform to be safe. But it’s clearer than ever that parents can’t expect YouTube to monitor all the content on their platform. We generally see reactionary measures taken only after pressure from the public — or more significantly, advertisers. In the meantime, kids are still being exposed to dangerous content, like instructions for self-harm. It’s imperative that parents be prepared to have an active role if they’re going to continue allowing their kids to use adult platforms, including YouTube.”

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