Inside KinzooApr 20, 2021

Look for the Good Project & OPEN National Field Day are Coming to Kinzoo

Look for the Good Project & OPEN National Field Day are Coming to Kinzoo

Our latest partnership is bringing awesome experiences to Kinzoo—and helping kids grow their physical, social and emotional skills!

At Kinzoo, we believe that kids deserve access to the best of technology—and that means giving them tools that empower them. We’re constantly striving to build new experiences for children that help them connect with loved ones, get creative and cultivate new passions, so we’re thrilled to be partnering with two awesome organizations that share our values. Here’s what kids and parents can expect from our collaboration:

Look for the Good Project: helping kids embrace all their emotions

This awesome organization’s mission is to improve the lives of children by giving them access to social emotional learning programming, which develops a healthy self-esteem. It can’t be stressed enough—having the skills to process your emotions in a constructive way is essential for kids to become happy, healthy teens and adults. We’re excited to partner with Look for the Good Project to collaborate on important tools that can help kids work through their feelings—online and offline. Together, we can harness the power of technology to support kids’ development and empower them to thrive.

OPEN National Field Day: inspiring kids’ love for activity

As part of the OPEN Online Physical Education Network, OPEN National Field Day supports the overarching mission of improving the effectiveness of physical education for every child. This coordinated national and international event helps get kids active and moving! Instilling a love for physical activity is important in keeping kids healthy and happy—and OPEN National Field Day has taken this important event virtual to ensure that everyone can continue to participate safely. We believe that technology can help improve access to important phys-ed programming for all children, and this year, we’re honored to support OPEN National Field Day by collaborating on interactive digital tools to facilitate the event!

So, what can kids and parents expect?

Kinzoo users will have access to exclusive content from Look For The Good Project and OPEN National Field Day! After downloading the app and signing up for an account, both children and grown-ups can track their OPEN National Field Day activities using the interactive scorecard—and explore their feelings about it with Look For The Good Project.

We believe that technology has endless potential. When we build platforms and features dedicated to improving our social, emotional and physical wellbeing, we unlock that potential and help children flourish—and we’re eager to build partnerships with organizations that are doing good for families and kids everywhere!


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