Inside KinzooJul 23, 2021

Introducing Paths: a New Way to Shape Your Kinzoo Experience

Introducing Paths: a New Way to Shape Your Kinzoo Experience

When we first started Kinzoo, a big part of our vision was to create a digital space where families could connect and share experiences that wouldn’t otherwise exist. We always believed in the potential for technology to bring us together, spur our creativity and inspire us to discover new passions. A common refrain at our headquarters is that “Kinzoo is more than a messenger—it’s where memories are made,” which is why our app includes interactive games like Drawn Together and shareable activities like Sticker Maker, Emoji Maker and Today I Learned.

As a group of moms, dads, aunts and uncles, we’re always thinking of ways to share the best of technology with the kids in our lives. And, we’re excited to announce that the next evolution of the app is here; Paths are a new way for you and your loved ones to choose activities and content—and shape your very own experience in Kinzoo.

So, what is a Path?

Great question! There are a few different kinds of Paths in Kinzoo right now: some are original interactive stories created by awesome children’s authors. Others are amazing activities like our partnership with Look for the Good Project, where kids (and grown-ups!) can learn all about their emotions. And, we have more exciting stuff in the works right now. (Hint: you’ll soon see Paths featuring some of your most loved brands and characters!) Our different Paths appeal to a wide way array of interests—but they all have a few things in common.

You choose which Paths you follow

All of our Paths are opt-in, meaning that you are in control of which ones you add to your home screen. That’s because we want to empower our users to make Kinzoo their own. We know that our community is diverse, and the best person to curate your home screen is you. It’s our plan to continue adding new Paths to cater to different interests—but anyone who simply loves the Kinzoo messaging features can choose to keep their home screen exactly the way they like it.

Because of the way many other apps and platforms collect and use our data, most of us are used to algorithms shaping our experience for us. We’re used to the content in our feeds being chosen for us, but with Paths, we’re excited to put that control back in your hands.

Every Path is measured against our Three Cs

We believe that technology can be a force for good in our lives and the lives of our families. But, it needs to be designed and built to give kids the best of tech without exposure to the worst of it. When children share with loved ones, stretch their imaginations and explore new passions through their screen time, we can unlock worlds of potential for them. That’s why, at Kinzoo, every decision we make—every feature we build—is measured against our Three Cs: connection, creativity and cultivation. Each Path is designed to help kids flex their creative muscles, learn and discover new interests—and share it all with the most important people in their lives. We’ll only include a Path in our app if we truly believe it is screen time well spent.

Why we’re taking a different Path

When we launch a new feature, our goal is to make it something useful, enjoyable and trustworthy. We want our community to use Kinzoo because they love it, not because they’re compelled by manipulative design techniques. Paths are meant to make your experience even better and more personal, but you are always in the driver’s seat. Both kids and adults are empowered to shape their experience—to pick and choose their own Paths.

We look forward to hearing feedback from our users and learning what they like and what we could improve. Our hope is to keep adding new Paths that bring you closer to your loved ones, inspire your creativity and help you cultivate new interests. And we hope to keep bringing you and your family the best of technology.

Kinzoo is free in the App Store and Play Store. Download it today!


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