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Connect, Create, Cultivate: Screen Time Well Spent

Connect, Create, Cultivate: Screen Time Well Spent

When it comes to technology, it’s hard to find consistent advice. The lack of consensus among experts and overdramatized headlines about screen time can lead to anxiety for parents. Many are left with the sense that technology is net-negative for children—but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

That’s because not all screen time is created equal. There are many different things that we can do with technology, so we can’t paint it all with the same brush. Sometimes when we go online, we’re consuming. We’re watching videos, scrolling feeds—engaging passively with content. Consumption isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and sometimes it can be relaxing to zone out for a while and enjoy some funny cat videos. And, because a lot of platforms are designed to keep you scrolling endlessly, it can be easy to overdo it without even realizing.

But, there are other more active ways we can spend our time online—and we believe that when we’re using technology one of these ways, it’s screen time well spent.

Connection, creativity, cultivation

Technology has the incredible ability to bring us together. We can connect over video and phone calls, send quick messages or funny memes and so much more. When tech is designed to foster and encourage connection between people, it helps us establish and grow deeper relationships. This can be incredible for family and friends that are spread far and wide.

Technology also gives us the chance to make art, compose music, record videos and build things. Whatever your passion, it’s possible to get creative and use tech to brainstorm, produce, edit, code and share incredible things. When screen time inspires our creativity, it helps us think outside the box.

And, tech gives us access to an incredible amount of information. We can discover new interests, cultivate new passions and find communities to support us. With the right tools, technology can help us learn and grow in amazing ways.

When screen time focuses on the three C’s—connection, creativity and cultivation—it can be engaging, productive and enriching. At Kinzoo, we’ve designed every feature in our app with this in mind, giving kids and adults the opportunity to get creative, cultivate new interests and enjoy shared experiences with loved ones. Paths are the latest in our effort to bring the best of technology to families everywhere.

Paths and Kinzoo’s Three C’s

Tech use among children is on the rise, and over the last year and a half, many families have been relying on screens in a new way. Technology is undoubtedly a part of our lives, and we believe it can be a force for good. When we give kids tools that are built with them in mind, we unlock worlds of potential for them. The Paths Center in Kinzoo is full of interactive stories and engaging activities—things designed to spur creativity, encourage cultivation and connect us with the people we love most.

We worked with awesome authors to create original stories for the Kinzoo Paths Center—but they have a special twist: choose-your-own-adventure-style moments give readers the chance to immerse themselves in the story, decide how their journey ends and share their favorite moments with loved ones. You can help a furry friend chase down magic Vikings and recover his beloved bone, unlock a mystery deep in the ice of the northern USA or even travel back in time with Remy the red panda! These stories draw kids into the narrative and inspire their imaginations.

We also partnered with amazing organizations and created our own original activities to bring new experiences to Kinzoo users. These activity Paths are designed to help kids discover new ideas, explore their emotions and develop new skillsets. They can read about their feelings in our Look for the Good Project Path, or find a new weird-but-true fact in Today I Learned—or learn about deep space with weekly images from NASA’s Hubble Telescope!

Screens are a big part of our families’ lives—and technology is here to stay. If we can give kids tools that inspire them to connect with loved ones, get creative and cultivate new interests, we can truly set them up for success!

If you want to explore the Paths Center, check out Kinzoo today! It’s free to download in the App Store and Play Store.


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