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Parental Controls for Xbox Series X and Series S

Parental Controls for Xbox Series X and Series S

Back in November 2020, Microsoft released two new consoles: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The Series X has more storage, higher gaming resolution and a disc drive, making it a larger unit. The Series S is digital-only, meaning you download the games rather than having them on discs. It’s significantly less expensive because it has less power and less storage, but it is still a high-performing next-generation model. If online competitive gaming is what your kid loves, then Xbox Series X or S could be a great fit.

While there are options for younger kids like Spyro, Overcooked and Lego Games, the most well-known games on the Xbox consoles often contain violence and mature subject matter, and they are better suited for tweens, teens and adults. And, multiplayer games mean gaming online with others, so it’s important for parents to keep on top of safety settings.

Parental controls on the Xbox Series X/S

For families who have an Xbox Series X/S, the console has pretty robust parental control options. Parents and caregivers can download the Xbox Family Settings App, which lets you easily manage settings remotely:

  • Set up a Family Group, where each family member has a profile based on their age. Child accounts are limited in what games and content they can access, but as children age, their profiles will change from Young Child (under 8) to Child (8-12) to Teen (13-17) and then Adult (18+)
  • Limit how many hours a day your kid can use the console
  • Decide whether to allow them to play multiplayer video games online
  • Change privacy settings and keep track of friend requests
  • Limit spending by reviewing your kid’s purchases or setting up an Xbox allowance

Keeping the the lines of communication open

That said, parental controls are only part of the puzzle in shaping how and when your kid can game. Talking about healthy gaming habits, playing together as a family, and encouraging non-screen-based activities are all important strategies in keeping your kid active, healthy and safe. With a little parental oversight, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S can offer hours of entertainment for your family.

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