Hi, we're Kinzoo!

We are a kidtech startup empowering families to raise the next generation of digital citizens.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted brand for incorporating technology into our children’s lives.

Our Story

I founded Kinzoo to bring trusted, healthy technology to kids everywhere. I believe technology can be a positive force for families—and since it’s here to stay, the question for parents is not if, but how to introduce it to our children.

At Kinzoo, we’re creating experiences that inspire our children and bring them closer to friends and family—giving them the best of technology without exposure to the worst of it.

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Life at Kinzoo

We're a small-but-mighty team with a shared vision. Every day, we put our heads together to create new possibilities for our families and yours.

I am thrilled to support Kinzoo in creating a messaging platform where kids can feel safe and connected.

Dr. Renae Beaumont Secret Agent Society
Darren Laur

I love that Kinzoo is designing a messaging experience that will act like digital training wheels for our kids.

Darren Laur White Hatter
Dr. Renae Beaumont